procrastination; one second at a time

about me

I'm a 17-year-old guy from Serbia, and I struggle a lot with social anxiety. It's like this heavy feeling that sits on my chest whenever I'm around people. I get really quiet because I worry too much about what they might think of me.

BUT here's the thing: if I get to talk to someone for a while, the anxiety starts to fade away. It's like breaking through a barrier. Once we get chatting, I relax a bit. It's like finding a way out of a maze. Suddenly, the person in front of me doesn't seem so scary anymore. We're just two people, you know?

Oh, and when I'm not battling my nerves, I'm into photography and tech stuff. There's something about capturing a moment or diving into the latest gadgets that helps me forget about all the anxiety for a while.

I listen mostly to hip hop, (or instrumental), rap and drone music.

So, yeah, that's me—I hope it clears out anything.

random fact

I own a old Sony Xperia and a Sony CyberShot camera — I like them both.

I wrote this site on a Fujitsu Esprimo from 2006 running Windows 7; Internet Explorer 10 supported — maximum optimization for all!